Men beat women in driving test stats

12.00 | 23 July 2013 | | 3 comments

Data published by the DSA shows that a higher proportion of male candidates pass the practical driving test than is the case for females (

In the period April 2012 to March 2013, of the 682,699 males who took the test, 345,599 (50.6%) met the required standard. In contrast, while 753,774 women took the test only 331,653 (44%) passed.

The combined male/female pass rate was 47.1% – fractionally higher than the previous 12-month period.

The pass rate for the youngest drivers, irrespective of gender, was higher than for other age groups.

50.7% of drivers aged 17-19 yrs passed the test. In contrast, 45.8% of candidates in their twenties met the standard and the thirty-plus pass rate was 38.8%. For candidates in their forties and fifties, the pass rates were 35.6% and 32.8% respectively.

Other statistics published by the DSA include the pass rate for first time candidates and by ethnicity of candidate.

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    For those that disagreed with my comment – most males are fine when they pass their test but statistics do show males have more collisions than females with the rates only becoming more similar once people get into their sixties (and these patterns are worldwide). These trends still hold when you go beyond the simple frequency counts that the police stats comprise of and start accounting for exposure rates (e.g. mileage), etc. The demanding challenge is to find a way to improve driving standards and I’ll be the first to congratulate the person who comes up with an effective solution!

    Dr James Whalen DSA ADI (car), Wolverhampton
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    This is a trend that has been observed for a while – pity that males don’t perform as well as women once they have passed their tests!

    Dr James Whalen DSA ADI (car), Wolverhampton
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    I passed first time aged 22 in London, so did my brother and my Mum, who was then in her 50s. We all had the same excellent instructor.

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