‘Millions of drivers’ taking action to avoid potholes

12.00 | 21 March 2013 |

The results of another survey into the state of Britain’s road suggest that ‘millions of drivers’ could be taking evasive action to avoid potholes (Telegraph).

The Kwik Fit survey of more than 2,000 drivers suggests that many drivers are swerving – in some cases onto the other side of the road – to avoid damaging their cars.

In the survey, 66% of respondents said they had been forced to take evasive action compared with 54% a year ago, reports the Telegraph.

The figure includes 7% who had hit a kerb, 5% who had mounted a pavement, and 18% who said they had ‘slammed on the brakes’.

The worst area was the West Midlands where 71% of respondents said they had been forced to take evasive action, while in Wales the figure was 56%.

More than one in 10 motorists aged 18-24 years said they had been involved in an accident as a result of avoiding potholes, while the figure for all drivers was 7%.

A recent AA/Populus survey revealed that a third of drivers have suffered damage to their vehicles from potholes over the last two years. The survey of nearly 23,000 drivers also revealed that a third rated the condition of their local roads as poor, very poor, or “terrible”.

Click here to read the full Telegraph report.


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