Milton Keynes runs ‘better biker’ courses

15.07 | 24 April 2009 |

Free skills courses to teach motorcyclists how to get the best out of their machines and still remain safe are being run by Milton Keynes Council.

The council’s road safety team is running a series of ‘be a better biker’ training days for bikers keen to have their riding skills assessed.

The courses comprise a classroom session followed by an assessed ride on roads similar to those where motorbike crashes have happened in the past.

Vince Morley, RSO, said: “Be a Better Biker is for anyone with a bike license who would benefit from an assessment of their riding – you can never know it all.

”People can get into bad habits without realising it. Normally all it takes is for someone to point out to them what they’ve been doing wrong, and then they can correct it.”

For further information contact Vince Morley on 01908 254601.


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