Ministers ponder new measures for young drivers

12.00 | 20 March 2013 |

Young drivers could have to display ‘probationary’ licence plates after passing their test, under plans being considered by the Government (Telegraph).

The idea is among a package of measures under examination by the DfT as it tries to cut the death toll among novice motorists, reports the Telegraph.

Speaking in the House of Lords, Earl Attlee, a Government whip, confirmed that fresh measures are being assessed, including a ban on novice drivers carrying young passengers.

Young drivers, Earl Attlee said, were prone to “immaturity and reckless driving”.

He added: “They can also be easily distracted particularly when carrying others.

“We are seeking to improve the risk of these very sad accidents and we will continue on the work of the previous Government in doing so.

“Probationary plates are one of the things we are considering, possibly linked with other measures such as not allowing young and new drivers to carry young passengers in order to deal with that sort of problem.”

Detailed proposals are expected to be outlined in a consultation document to be published early in the summer by the DfT, according to the Telegraph.

Ministers believe that improving the safety record of novice motorists would help bring down the costs young drivers face for insurance.

Stephen Hammond, road safety minister, said: “We want to improve the safety of young drivers – that is why we have made the driving test more realistic by introducing an independent driving element and have stopped publishing test routes to stop candidates learning them by rote.

“As part of the ongoing work to reduce the risks of accidents involving young drivers, we are considering several options to ensure that newly qualified drivers are properly prepared and drive safely."

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