‘Mocktails’ offer a safe alternative to alcohol this Christmas

10.54 | 9 December 2011 |

Shoppers in Dorchester, Dorset, were invited to try alcohol-free ‘mocktails’ to show that people can enjoy Christmas while also staying safe on the roads.

On 7 December, the Dorset Road Safe partnership served the Christmas-themed mocktails to shoppers at the Tesco superstore in Dorchester, in support of the national THINK! Christmas drink-drive campaign. Representatives from Dorset Police were also on hand to demonstrate the breathalyser test.

Robert Smith, Dorset County Council road safety manager, said: “Christmas can see drivers relaxing their usual standards after a festive drink, sometimes with tragic consequences.

“Last year, 14% of road deaths in the UK were caused by drink driving and if you get caught, Christmas is no excuse. A drink drive conviction could cost your job, relationships and higher insurance.

“The best way to stay safe is not to drink and drive. If you are driving this Christmas, non-alcoholic mocktails are a great way to enter into the spirit of the season without compromising your safety.”

For more information contact Michael Carhart-Harris on 01305 225065.


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