MORR Awards deadline looms

12.00 | 16 November 2012 |

With a deadline of 3 December, the final countdown has begun for companies wishing to enter RoSPA’s annual Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR) Awards.

The MORR Awards, sponsored by Allianz, are part of RoSPA’s Occupational Health and Safety Awards. They are open to firms with employees who drive for work, and which demonstrate excellence in managing work-related road safety.

Judges are looking for evidence of best practice in areas from driver training to monitoring safety with support from historical performance data.

Other elements include how the company investigates accidents and implements the lessons learned, standards and targets, communication of occupational road safety information within and outside of the organisation, and monitoring systems of road risks.

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA’s head of road safety, said: “RoSPA prides itself on encouraging companies to manage occupational road risks in the same way as other work-related issues, so the MORR Awards are very important.

“RoSPA is seeing more and more companies using telematics to monitor drivers, but what we particularly want to see is companies that don’t just rely on driver training but are managing the safety and risks of drivers from the top down.”

This year, entries will be submitted online through the RoSPA website.

For more information contact RoSPA on 0121 248 2090.


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