New MOT takes millions of dangerous vehicles off the road

12.17 | 4 October 2019 | | 2 comments

Nearly three million ‘dangerous’ vehicles have been taken off UK roads since changes to the MOT came into effect in May 2018.

The MOT changes were introduced as part of a European Union directive and include new failure and defect categories, with faults labelled ‘Dangerous’, ‘Major’ or ‘Minor’.

Any vehicle which receives a dangerous or major fault automatically fails, while a vehicle given a minor fault will still pass the MOT, with a record of the fault noted on the certificate.

DVSA statistics – reported by – show that since May 2018, nearly three million vehicles failed due to dangerous defects and were taken off the road or repaired.

However, around 25% of owners take their vehicles in for the MOT after the due date – meaning there could be many dangerous vehicles ‘badly in need of inspection’.

Neil Barlow, DVSA’s head of vehicle engineering, said: “Thanks to the MOT, three million dangerous vehicles have been taken off the road. But with a quarter of cars turning up late for MOT every year, that means there are lots of potentially dangerous vehicles badly in need of inspection.

“We urge people to sign up to our free MOT reminder service so they get their MOTs done on time.”

The DVSA also reports that new tougher emission tests, introduced in May 2018, have made a ‘significant contribution’ to improving air quality.

Nearly 1.2 million (1,151,976) vehicles failed as a result of poor emissions – all of which have been repaired or taken off the road.



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    I get a reminder about my insurance and tax for the vehicle. Driving a vehicle without a current MOT could incur a fine of up to £1000 and in most cases invalidate any insurance. Fortunately for me as I bought my car off a forecourt the garage remind me but for many this won’t happen. I also keep the date in my diary with a fortnight reminder. If the DVSA know the dates could they not send a reminder?

    Peter Wilson, Chichester
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    Three million dangerous vehicles taken off the road since May 2018….so will that be reflected in a significant reduction in collisions over that time period? Not a chance!
    On the other hand, three million dangerous drivers taken off the roads would!

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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