Motorcyclists can now benefit from electric vehicle subsidy

12.00 | 2 March 2017 | | 1 comment

Motorcyclists looking to purchase an electric motorcycle can now benefit from a Government subsidy designed to increase the uptake of electric vehicles.

Since its introduction in 2011, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ (OLEV) ‘plug in’ subsidy had only been available for electric cars and vans. But as of yesterday (1 March) it now applies to electric motorcycles and scooters, so long as they meet certain quality criteria including a battery with five year warranty and a ‘good range’.

£3.75m has been made available for riders who want to want to ‘go green’, providing them with up to 20% off the cost of an electric motorcycle or scooter. Buyers will be able to claim a maximum discount of £1,500.

The move was announced as part of a wider £35m Government package which also includes a commitment to seeing thousands more electric vehicle chargepoints installed on streets and at workplaces across the UK.

In a press release issued yesterday (1 March), the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) named Fred Murphy (pictured right) as the owner of the first electric motorcycle to be bought with the new ‘plug in’ subsidy.

Mr Murphy bought a Zero FXS, which has an average range of 60 miles, a top speed of 85mph and costs the equivalent of a penny a mile to power, from the 21st Moto dealer in Kent. His new bike can be charged using a household three pin plug, with faster charge options which can reduce full charging time to two hours.

He said: “As an ‘electronics geek’ and an early adopter, I have always been interested in electric bikes and tried my first zero back in 2012, so when the ‘plug in’ grant finally came in, this was enough to justify my jump to electric.”  

Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA, said: “Whether electric or not, a motorcycle, scooter or moped benefits from reduced journey times, easier or free parking, no congestion charge and is normally cheaper to run and insure.  

“There is also the added benefit that it’s just more fun than other modes of transport.”

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    Nice one… maybe the authorities will one day see and support motorcycling as a viable form of sustainable transport. With or without electric vehicles. Not holding my breath though otherwise I will suffocate.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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