Motorists struggle to identify road signs

13.33 | 29 May 2009 | | 1 comment

Many motorists struggle to identify common road signs, with two out of three unable to recognise the sign warning of a zebra crossing ahead, according to a survey by Brake, the road safety charity.

The poll also shows that 15% failed to identify the maximum speed limit sign. Just 12% of those surveyed correctly identified all eight signs they were shown. Brake said the results proved the need for tougher driving tests and regular retesting for older drivers.

Spokeswoman Katie Shephard said: “Many drivers don’t re-read the Highway Code after passing their test. This means 55-year-olds who passed their test at 17 have been driving a shocking 38 years without refreshing their knowledge of the rules of the road.”

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    The Highway Code applies to all road users not just drivers. Having done the test and got all questions right I do wonder who they actually asked?
    It could also mean that the signs do not convey the message they are trying to give very well

    AJ Southampton
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