Motorway rest areas plan ditched

08.40 | 26 July 2011 | | 2 comments

Plans to build a network of rest areas on Britain’s motorways and trunk roads have become one of the latest victims of the Government’s austerity programme (Telegraph).

Proposals for the rest areas were an important element of the 2006 Road Safety Act, along with plans for ‘alcolock’ devices which prevent drivers starting the car if they have been drinking.

Roadside picnic spots are commonplace on the continent and parts of the United States, where they are seen as offering drivers some respite during a long journey.

Robert Gifford, executive director for the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), said: “Fatigue is a very significant factor in crashes at night on the motorway network.

“If rest areas have proven too expensive, the Government needs to renew its advertising campaign to get the message through to drivers about the need to take a break before you fall asleep at the wheel.”

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    Whilst on a motorcycling trip, I stopped at a rest area on a motorway. I sat at a table under a tree and enjoyed a peaceful flask of coffee. Another rider joined me and we shared stories. I took a few photos in the sunshine and went to the well maintained toilet before continuing my journey; rested and refreshed.

    The place; Germany. The year; 1970.

    As Bob said, what a shame.

    Roy Buchanan, Epsom
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    What a shame. I would use such a stop, providing they have toilets. Shortage of monies I suppose.

    Bob Craven
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