£1,000 reward for safety camera arsonist

09.15 | 21 July 2011 |

A £1,000 reward has been offered to anyone who can help capture an arsonist attacking safety cameras, following a spate of accidents near to cameras he/she/they have torched (Yahoo News).

It’s believed to be the work of a single person, although it has not been ruled out that a group is responsible. The perpetrator/s has set fire to 15 of Lincolnshire’s 50 fixed safety cameras over the last few months.

Due to a sharp rise in accidents at the 15 damaged camera sites (23 collisions resulting in eight serious and 31 minor injuries) Crimestoppers put up the £1,000 reward.

John Siddle, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman, said: "We understand the people carrying out these attacks do not wish to harm anyone, but they must take responsibility if someone were to suffer as a result of their actions.

“Whatever people may think of these cameras, they are safety devices. It will take a vast amount of money to repair the damage caused, that would otherwise have been used in the road safety education we deliver in schools and colleges across the county."

Click here to read the full Yahoo News report.


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