‘Life-saving’ key ring available in the NW

12.00 | 19 September 2012 | | 3 comments

Bikers across north west of England are being encouraged to use a free key ring which contains medical information which could help save their life if they are involved in a collision.

The Mediform Tube is being made available free of charge trough a collaboration between Lancashire County Council and RideSafe BackSafe, a road safety initiative for motorcyclists in the north west.

Based on the CRASH Card concept, the Mediform Tube contains a card carrying a rider’s medical and personal information. This gives paramedics at the scene immediate access to their medical needs.

The Mediform Tube has a green self adhesive key shaped sticker, to be placed on the right side of the rider’s helmet, which tells attending medical staff that the rider is carrying the tube, which is attached to the key ring.

The initiative has received funding from Lancashire County Council and support from North West Air Ambulance Charity, North West Ambulance Service, Lancashire Constabulary and Merseyside Police.

Rob Winn, Mediform project leader, said: “This is an important tool for riders to receive appropriate help in times of medical emergency. Our version of the CRASH Card, in a waterproof tube, means that crews only have to look in one place common to all riders – on the bike’s keys. The more riders and pillions that carry a Mediform Tube, the more riders it can help.”

For more information contact Emma Kelly on 07815 862 079.


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    The driver can’t agree to removing the helmet? Wow. What if the driver is semi-conscious and agrees to removing the helmet? But until the helmet is removed, you do know if the helmet is holding his brains inside his head? A patient witha cracked skull…… and the helmet comes off? Not a great idea. In fact, it is just dumb! Helmet should only be removed in the hospital.

    Les, US
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    I like this better than the card in the helmet idea. Also with regard to that, if there is a sticker on the helmet that says UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE MY HELMET or something similar, not only can one not gain access to that information but one can’t even administer life saving first aid such as mouth to mouth. It being contrary to the wearer’s direct wishes, he/she being unconscious at the time of course and therefore unable to agree to the helmet’s removal.

    bob craven Lancs
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    looks good – and would also be good for cyclists, and vehicle occupants. A national standard scheme, widely publicised, would help.

    Idris Francis etersfield
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