Charity calls for ‘courtesy, tolerance and respect’ on the roads

12.00 | 21 November 2012 |

The motoring safety charity DriveSafe is using Road Safety Week (19-25) to urge drivers “to think of others” on the roads.

Road Safety Week coincides with the third anniversary of DriveSafe’s ‘Courtesy on the Road’ campaign, which aims to make driving safer and more pleasant for motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Fay Goodman, DriveSafe founder, said: “As the pace of our lives quickens and the number of road users continues to grow, there is a constant temptation to adopt an ‘everyone for himself’ attitude, which can lead to conflict and injury.

“Roads are public places that must be shared with other users and when we are on the road we are constantly in contact with one another. That is why it is so important to show courtesy, tolerance and respect.”

The charity, which recently published a new handbook, ‘DriveSafe – An Essential Guide for Motorists’, is also offering the following 10 tips to help drivers be more courteous:

1. Plan your journey to ensure your safety and the safety of others

2. Reduce speeds to 20mph around homes, school and shops

3. Never exceed speed limits in any circumstances

4. Allow other drivers to feed in to traffic when you are in a queue

5. Be patient when in a queue and avoid ‘queue jumping’

6. If you make a mistake, try to acknowledge the fact to other drivers

7. If another driver makes a mistake, do not become aggressive

8. Be mindful of pedestrian and cyclist rights of way

9. Park sensibly to avoid obstructing other drivers

10. Provide personal help or call the emergency services, as appropriate, if another driver has become involved in an accident or has broken down

For more information contact Fay Goodman on 07976 426463.


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