RoSPA’s annual seminar will explore new ways of working

12.00 | 13 December 2012 |

RoSPA’s annual road safety seminar in March 2013 will explore new ways to help deliver cost-effective road safety programmes.

With road fatalities showing their first increase since 2003, and with significantly reduced resources available, the RoSPA Road Safety Seminar will examine the potential for new technologies, engagement methods and ways of working.

RoSPA’s 78th annual gathering for road safety researchers, practitioners and policymakers, sponsored by Britax, will be held in Birmingham on 7 March.

The programme will explore the power of using social media to spread essential road safety messages; the benefits of adopting black box technology to record driver behaviour; and the implications that the new public health framework will have on the setting and delivery of road safety objectives in England.

Guest speakers include Kevin Clinton, road safety manager at RoSPA; Ruth Gore, marketing officer at Safer Roads Humber; and Richard Jelbert, chief technology officer for MyDrive Solutions.

Kevin Clinton said: “As road safety practitioners continue to be asked to do ‘more for less’, this seminar will be examining how effective results can still be achieved and looking at new technologies, engagement methods and ways of working.”

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