Trainers put “fun factor” in safety day

12.00 | 10 January 2013 |

Employees from the manufacturing company Busch UK learnt how to handle a car on a skidpan as part of a driver safety course.

As well as safely learning how to steer an out of control car, the employees were given advice on speed, fatigue, driver distractions and fuel economy by instructors from TTC Automotive (part of the TTC Group).

Rachel Manley, Busch UK’s HR manager, said the skidpan exercise at Manchester City FC’s Etihad Stadium was an opportunity to “inject some fun” into driver training.

She said: “At Busch we take the safety of our employees very seriously and wanted to ensure that they took away key messages from the training opportunity covering areas such as driver safety awareness and understanding the impact our driving has on other road users, whilst also covering areas such as fuel efficiencies and the effect poor driving has on maintenance costs.”

All of Busch’s field service and system engineers, who drive regularly across the UK to visit customers, went on the course.

Ryan Crawley, TTC Automotive’s customer accounts manager, said: “It is all about quality of care for your employees and at the same time it is a cost effective exercise which helps to reduce vehicle maintenance and insurance costs for companies.

“Company drivers learn safer driving techniques which are vitally important, with one third of fatal and serious road crashes involving someone who is at work.”


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