Government plans ‘flourishing, joined-up, sustainable transport system’

12.00 | 20 March 2013 |

The Government’s vision to make seamless, convenient journeys using greener modes of transport an everyday reality was unveiled last week by Norman Baker, transport minister.

Speaking at the launch of the door to door strategy – the coalition Government’s vision for a flourishing, joined-up, sustainable transport system – Norman Baker said: “Helping people use greener modes of transport will help create growth and cut carbon, easing congestion on our roads and encouraging people to opt for greener, healthier options.

“But to make that happen we need low carbon travel to become as easy as jumping into the car. This strategy pulls together, for the first time, a whole range of different areas of work aimed at making sustainable transport a viable option for everybody.

“When people are thinking about their journey, they naturally think about the cost and complexity of the entire trip, door to door, not just the ride on the train or bus. So as well as cutting out the hassle of travelling by bike, by foot and by public transport, we need to make it simpler and more reliable to combine different ways of travelling to get the whole way from A to B. A sustainable journey is only as attractive as its weakest link.”

Currently, for journeys of less than 5 miles in Great Britain 54% of people travel by car. For longer journeys this increases to 80%.

The door to door strategy focuses on four core areas: accurate, accessible and reliable information about different transport options for a journey; convenient and affordable tickets for an entire journey; regular and straightforward connections at all stages of the journey and between different modes of transport; and safe and comfortable transport facilities.

Malcolm Shepherd, chief executive of Sustrans, said: “As fuel prices rise and we struggle to find opportunities to live healthy lives, it’s important to ensure it is easier to make journeys by bike, foot or public transport. This strategy reflects the increasing recognition within Government that we must invest in creating a high-quality cycling and walking environment and ensure public transport is accessible to all.”

Stephen Joseph, chief executive of Campaign for Better Transport, said: “We need to improve the transport choices people have every time they step out the door.

“Campaign for Better Transport has consistently argued that joining each part of the journey up makes alternatives to the car more attractive – for convenience, cost and impact. This strategy is an important first step in making that happen.”

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