Children’s Traffic Club available FOC to parents in Derbyshire

12.00 | 22 July 2013 |

The Children’s Traffic Club is being made available free of charge to help parents in a high casualty risk area of Derbyshire to teach their children about road safety.

As a result of funding provided by Derbyshire County Council, parents of three-year-olds in Chesterfield and Bolsover can register to receive free DVDs from the Children’s Traffic Club every three months. Each DVD features stories, games and songs designed to teach children how to stay safe on the roads.

The first DVD is accompanied by a guide for parents, which offers advice about child car seat safety and explains the importance of setting a good example to children when using the roads.

Councillor Dean Collins, Derbyshire County Council, said: “The Children’s Traffic Club allows young children to learn vital road safety messages while having fun.

“Children need to start learning about road safety before they get to school and the traffic club makes it much easier for parents to teach them.”

The scheme is being piloted in Chesterfield and Bolsover because casualty figures show that children in these areas face a higher risk of road injury. If the pilot is successful, the council may consider introducing the scheme in other areas of the county.

Nurseries in the pilot area are also being offered free Children’s Traffic Club learning packs with a range of learning activities which reinforce the messages in the family DVDs.

For more information about the Derbyshire pilot contact Fiona Ireson at Derbyshire County Council on 01629 538269.


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