‘Tow safely’ message from IAM

12.00 | 1 August 2013 |

On the back of figures from the Highways Agency which show that in the period April-June 2013 there were 1,408 ‘towing incidents’ on UK roads, the IAM has issued a reminder to motorists to ensure their vehicles and trailers are roadworthy.

The Highways Agency has warned that towing incidents can be caused by overloading the caravan or trailer, a mismatch with the towing vehicle, unchecked tyres and poor towing technique.

Tim Shallcross, head of technical policy and advice at the IAM, said: “Whether you’re towing a speedboat, a horsebox, a caravan or another car, there are certain rules which must be applied. It is important to recognise the challenges which come with having to control two vehicles.”

Andy Withington, spokesperson for the Highways Agency, said: “We encourage anyone towing during the holiday season to prepare before they set out and take a few simple steps once they are out on the road to avoid becoming involved in an incident.

“Check your tyres, make sure that caravans and trailers are not overloaded, keep to the speed limit for towed vehicles, ensure any rear view extension mirrors are fitted and drive carefully and considerately at this busy time of year.”

Contact the IAM on 020 8996 9777 for more information.


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