‘Chargepoint’ winners unveiled

12.00 | 1 August 2013 | | 1 comment

The Government has announced the allocation of funding for a new wave of ‘chargepoints’ for electric cars which will be installed in hospitals, stations and streets across the UK.

Earlier this year the Government announced an extra £37m to offset the cost of installing infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles. On 31 July Michael Fallon, business minister, and Norman Baker, transport minister, announced the winning bids for this funding which covers 75% of the cost of installing new chargepoints.

The money will be made available to dozens of local authorities, NHS trusts and train operators to provide charging points on their property and town and city streets.

Bids are also invited for the second round of funding before the closing date of 30 October 2013.

Norman Baker said: “With hundreds of new chargepoints adding to the ever-expanding network of infrastructure, people will be able to recharge their cars at stations, in hospital car parks and on streets all over the country.

“This is brilliant news for those already using these vehicles and will give greater confidence to those who are considering making the switch to electric. With new models coming to market every month and running costs of 2p to 3p a mile, these vehicles are an increasingly attractive option for many consumers and businesses.”

Contact the DfT on 020 7944 3118 for more information.


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    Beyond belief! Only the other day RSGB (I think) and newspapers reported that £100,000 worth of charge points in some city are hardly every used, and many never. Do these people not read the sales figures for electric cars – less than 10% of anticipated? Are they not aware that manufacturers are closing down their production lines, having lost squillions designing and making cars hardly anyone wants to buy? Is it not time at least to consider minimum IQ levels for election to public office?

    Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield
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