“Someone’s Son” campaign expands to include cyclists

12.00 | 23 September 2013 |

Safer Roads Humber has expanded its ‘Someone’s Son’ campaign to include cyclists as well as motorcyclists.

The award winning Someone’s Son has been running since 2010 and to date has focused on encouraging drivers to look out for motorcyclists. Now the campaign has been broadened to include cyclists, as both types of riders are vulnerable on the roads.

A new radio campaign encourages motorists to show consideration for cyclists and explains why cyclists may move to the centre of the road when negotiating junctions and roundabouts.

A key part of the campaign is highlighting that cyclists are not “unidentifiable humans hidden away under a bike helmet and riding gear but are people with family and friends who treasure them”.

The campaign uses the slogan “More than just a rider…Someone’s son” and asks drivers to “check once, check twice, check for bikes.”

Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, said: “We hope this campaign will encourage drivers to look out for bikes and reduce the number of crashes.

“We recognise it’s not just about the driver though; riders need to make sure they give drivers a chance to see them by riding in a safe manner and wearing high visibility clothing. Cyclists need to adhere to the rules of the road.

“Cycle training has developed from the original cycling proficiency that many people may have taken.  Today’s cyclists are taught to take up the ‘primary position’ in the middle of the road when approaching roundabouts and junctions.

“For the driver this may feel that the cyclist is deliberately trying to slow them down but by making sure that the driver cannot get past them means the cyclist is protecting their road space and therefore protecting themselves from harm.

“Through this campaign we are hoping to remind drivers that riders are people just like them, trying to get to their destination safely. Our overriding message is to drive and ride safely and keep looking out for each other.”

Contact Ruth Gore on 01482391458 for more information.


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