Added Momentum for Enfield’s young drivers

12.00 | 8 January 2014 |

The IAM and Enfield Council are working in partnership to encourage young people to improve their driving by taking the IAM’s Momentum assessment for free.

Momentum is designed for 17-26 year olds who have passed their basic driving test, and incorporates two modules: an interactive online assessment, followed by an on-road session with an IAM examiner. While Momentum does not involve an exam, the IAM says it offers a quick option for young drivers to improve their confidence, awareness and safety.

Currently all drivers under 26 who live, work or study in Enfield have the opportunity to undertake Momentum free of charge. The normal cost is £40.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said: “Enfield Council recognises the importance of safe driving and the safety of young drivers. 

“This partnership is a fantastic example of the way councils can work with voluntary organisations to provide services which would otherwise be difficult to provide amidst sizeable budget cuts.”

Councillor Chris Bond, cabinet member for environment at Enfield Council, said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for young drivers in the borough to further hone their driving skills and make themselves even safer on the roads.

“Young people are more likely to be involved in car accidents and giving young people free sessions teaching them how to be safer on the roads, will be beneficial not only for them, but for other road users as well.”

Click here to read the full IAM news release.



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