FirstCar launches free parent’s guide

12.00 | 3 February 2014 |

The latest publication to be launched by FirstCar is a new magazine aimed at parents of new drivers.

The announcement of the new magazine, “Learning to drive – The Parent’s Guide”, follows the recent launch of FirstBike magazine.

James Evans, FirstCar publisher, said: “With the cost of learning to drive, buying, owning and insuring a first car steadily increasing, it’s no surprise that parents hold a lot of cards when it comes to influencing young driver behaviour.

“However, it’s often the case that parents don’t seize this opportunity as well as they might, opting instead to place their offspring into cheap older cars without modern safety features, insured via ‘fronting’ and encouraging them to pass with as few lessons as possible.

“We believe that better education for parents will help improve this situation.”

The new A6 magazine provides parents with information and advice on everything from learning to drive, to buying and insuring a first car.

The new guide will be given away free to road safety teams with all orders of the new 2014 Young Driver’s Guide on a 1:4 ratio. This means that the average FirstCar order of 1,000 copies would automatically receive 250 free copies of the parent’s guide.

FirstCar is printing 50,000 copies of the new parent’s guide which will be available on a first come first served basis.

For more information contact James Evans on 0845 130 8853.


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