2014 – a year of “motoring milestones”

12.00 | 13 February 2014 |

Readers might enjoy a feature in the Telegraph motoring section which celebrates ‘motoring milestones’ that will occur in 2014 – from the introduction of drink-drive advertising to cat’s eyes..

50 years ago, in 1964, the first drink drive advertisement was broadcast on television. The Telegraph describes the moment when “a jolly black-and-white public information film flickers on to the nation’s television screens with a novel message: Don’t ask a man to drink and drive.”

Other milestones celebrated in the piece include:

• 1904: the Motor Car Act came into force, requiring all motor vehicles to display a number plate, thereby making them traceable.

• 1934: the Belisha Beacon arrived to mark out pedestrian crossings; a speed limit of 30mph in built-up areas was made compulsory; and the cat’s eye was first introduced.

• 1954: the Highway Code’s expanded traffic signs section contained the first triangular warning signs.

• 1964: A voluntary register of approved driving instructors (ADIs) was set up; and a 70mph speed limit was introduced on motorways and other restricted roads across Britain (which the Telegraph describes as “truly the end of an era”).


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