ADIs say Highway Code is “outdated”

12.00 | 2 April 2014 | | 2 comments

A survey of more than 1,000 Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) appears to indicate that the majority believe that the Highway Code and revision bank questions used by DVSA and other suppliers contains information that is “outdated and potentially dangerous”.

In the survey, conducted by Right Driver, 79% of respondents said that that questions relating to ABS implied that it would stop a vehicle skidding in all circumstances.

According to Right Driver, many respondents also expressed concern that first aid techniques in the Highway Code may give a new driver a false sense of confidence, and include “outdated advice on CPR”.

Other concerns that instructors highlighted included inadequate minimum tyre tread depth, and outdated and complex braking distance advice.

Right Driver has also suggested to the DVSA that information about electronic stability control (ESC), which is mandated on all new cars in Europe, should be included in the Highway Code and revision question bank.

Darren Cottingham, director of Right Driver, said: “The Highway Code and the 3,000 questions in the revision bank are excellent learning material, but we shouldn’t let technological advancements get ahead of them if this disadvantages new drivers.”

A DVSA spokesperson said: “DVSA welcomes sight of the survey findings. We shall consider the issues raised during our regular refresh of theory test questions and our learning materials.

“The Department for Transport is not planning a review of the Highway Code at this time. We do, though, regularly review our learning materials.”

Right Driver
Right Driver provides free Highway Code mock theory tests using the DVSA’s revision bank and supporting information. It also produces additional learning content relating to driving, education and vehicles.


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    The Highway Code will always be outdated as new and revised techniques or ideas come along. So it is always playing catch up and never leading as it once used to.

    bob craven Lancs
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    Perhaps they can say that the exterior mirrors give a totally inaccurate indication of distance of any and all vehicles behind and can therefore cause the driver to swerve into the path of a vehicle that has just been overtaken. Only the interior mirror gives an accurate indication of the correct distance of vehicles to the rear. Then maybe we won’t suffer from white van syndrome or be cut in at 70 mph by another car that has just overtaken us and has cut in being only some 20 ft in front. It would be useful if drivers were reminded that a look over the right shoulder before moving out into another lane could be a lifesaver and not just something that motorcyclists should do.

    bob craven Lancs
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