Driving test crashes set to “plummet”

12.00 | 2 May 2014 | | 4 comments

Figures obtained from the DVLA (now DVSA) by a leasing company show a decline over the past five years in the number of crashes that occur during driving tests.

Data obtained through a FOI request by IntelligentCarLeasing.com shows that the number of crashes with other vehicles during driving tests in 2013 was 22% lower than five years earlier in 2009.

It also shows the number of collisions reported for the first quarter of 2014 is just 20, and on that basis IntelligentCarLeasing.com “predicts a huge fall in driving test crashes (of around 87%, compared to 2009) this year”.

IntelligentCarLeasing.com suggests that the reduction is due to “the worst candidates having improved their standard of driving” and “driving examiners becoming more proactive in taking preventative action when a dangerous situation arises”.

Pete McAllister, from IntelligentCarLeasing.com, said “It’s hugely positive to see such a trend emerging in the UK’s learner driver industry.

“The fall in collisions during tests we’ve found reflects well on UK road safety and paints a positive picture for the future of motoring.”

For further information contact Pete McAllister on 0844 3872727.


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    I predict, based on nothing more than their graph, that there will be more than 3 times the number of collisions this year than the leasing Co predicts. Shall we meet here in a year’s time to find out?

    Dave Finney, Slough
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    I should point out that this data analysis was carried out by a vehicle leasing company, not ‘road safety professionals’ as your post implies.

    Nick Rawlings, editor, Road Safety News
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    I thought road safety professionals know that a minimum of 3 years’ data is necessary to be able to separate trend from other variations – this report is based on 3 months! And very small numbers too. Bob Craven’s view is far more likely to be correct than any other explanation.

    Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield
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    Can’t speak for anything else but motorcycles. There was a change in the off road test post 2010 and this may be responsible for the increases in 2011 and 12. It was the swerve and brake manoeuvre which took a lot of newbies off and onto the tarmac. It was subsequently removed from the test and stats went back to normal.

    bob craven Lancs
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