Seat checks highlight “unacceptable risks to children”

12.00 | 29 April 2014 |

77% of child car seats failed safety checks carried out in Hull recently by Good Egg Safety in conjunction with Hull City Council.

Good Egg Safety says this “underlines the unacceptable risks to children from badly fitted car seats”, and the results were picked up by the regional ITV news programme.

However, the results are an improvement on checks conducted last year in the same location when failure rates of up to 90% were found. Good Egg Safety says the current results “reflect a national pattern where just one in three child car seats are found to be safe”.

Jan James, chief executive of Good Egg Safety, said: "We don’t want this to be another scare story. Rather, we want parents everywhere to check three things before they buy their seat, and to check them now if they’ve already got one.

“First, is the seat the right size for the child? Second, is it the right model for your vehicle? Third, has someone shown you how to fit it securely?"

Councillor John Hewitt, Hull City Council, said: "The car seat clinics are designed to ensure that babies and children are properly restrained whilst travelling in the car, by showing parents and carers the correct way to fit in-car child safety seats.

"This is a vital road safety issue and I would urge anyone who is responsible for transporting children to make sure their seat is correctly fitted."

Good Egg Safety
Good Egg Safety provides free checks across the whole of the UK in conjunction with road safety organisations and local and national government.



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