GEM issues ‘back to school’ safety warning

12.00 | 5 September 2014 |

GEM has joined the IAM in issuing a road safety warning to coincide with pupils returning to school after the summer holiday period.

While the IAM focused on the issue of distracted teenagers, GEM is urging parents to make safety their number one priority on journeys to and from school.

David Williams MBE, GEM chief executive, said: “Around 750,000 children will be arriving at school for the first time this week. Their thoughts will focus on new teacher, new classroom and making new friends, so we want to help their parents ensure there are as few risks as possible on their journeys to and from school.”

GEM points to insurance industry figures from 2013 which it says shows that 37% of local school areas had at least one child road injury each year between 2006 and 2011, meaning there are still more than 1,000 child injuries on local roads around British schools.

David Williams added: “Clearly one child casualty is one too many. Remaining calm, allowing plenty of time and avoiding any risky time-saving short cuts are the best strategies for new parents on the school run.”

GEM has compiled a series of tips for parents and their children which includes: finding out about local safe walking initiatives and teaming up with neighbours to walk together; respecting speed limits and the SCP; kitting out children with high visibility clothing; and allowing plenty of time to park safely and legally.





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