Many drivers won’t be ready when winter bites: Highways Agency

12.00 | 26 November 2014 |

Nearly two-thirds of drivers (63%) do not check their anti-freeze, oil or water before setting off on a winter journey, a new Highways Agency survey reveals.

The 2013-2014 Annual Road User Satisfaction Survey (ARUSS) also found almost half of respondents (45%) don’t do any winter checks at all on their vehicle.

Other findings from the survey of just more than 1,000 drivers included: less than half (41%) said they checked their lights were working before setting out; just over half (53%) don’t have warm clothes in their car in case of emergency; and fewer than half (42%) carry de-icer in their vehicle.

The Highways Agency is encouraging road users to spend a few minutes making sure they, and their vehicle, are fully prepared for severe weather.

John Hayes, roads minister, said: “Just a couple of minutes of preparation, making important vehicles checks and giving yourself extra time to plan your journey before you set off, can ensure you and your fellow road users have a safe trip this winter.”

John McTaggart, for the Highways Agency, said: “Drivers should really keep an emergency winter kit in their vehicle, in case something goes wrong during a winter journey.

“Crucial items like warm clothing, food, warm drinks, a road atlas, shovel, torch, ice-scraper and de-icer could really help if your vehicle breaks down in bad weather.



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