Rerun for THINK! ‘Safety Tips’ campaign

12.00 | 2 March 2015 | | 1 comment

THINK! has launched a new burst of its cyclist ‘Safety Tips’ campaign to coincide with the time of year when the number of cyclists increases as the days get longer, and cyclist KSIs rise.

The campaign targets both cyclists and drivers with a series of practical tips to advise and remind both groups of the rules of the road, and the positive actions they can take to help reduce the number of collisions.

The campaign previously ran in autumn 2013 and spring 2014 in five cities where there are a high number of cycling KSIs: Cambridge, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

This time round the campaign will run in the same five cities plus a further seven cities where cycling KSIs are also high – Southampton, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Bradford, Kingston upon Hull, Brighton & Hove and Liverpool.

The advertising will run 2–29 March on roadside locations and bus backs in a bid to remind drivers and cyclists at the point of action – when they are driving or cycling.

The campaign resources are available for road safety officers to order from the THINK! online shop.


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    To my understanding cyclist KSis have remained pretty steady over the last few years. That said as mentioned before, with an increase of cyclists comes an increase of incidents etc. so its understandable that the KSis may rise at some time in the future. That is or will be until there is or has been developed a totally segregated structure for this modern mode of transport.

    The government must be clapping its hands when we become a cycling nation as we once were some 70 plus years ago. When the majority of traffic was on two wheels and people walked or rode to work those few yards where the work was.

    In the future Safe Space that could be between vehicles will be taken up by a myriad of cyclists, head down and no idea of safe riding or how dangerous they are making it for themselves and others. Under those circumstances expect there to be more contact between vehicle and riders.

    Jaguar type alarms will not help when the driver has a heart attack as he is inundated with all the bells and horns and ringing and constant vibrations from the seat, doors and pedals etc.

    Bob Craven Lancs… Space is Safe Campaigner
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