Government announces ‘door to door’ funding

12.00 | 24 March 2015 |

The DfT has unveiled a £3.9m package of measures designed to boost environmentally-friendly transport, improve accessibility for disabled people and increase the number of children walking to school.

The DfT says the money will be spent to improve journeys from ‘door to door’, including support for car clubs and an electrically-powered-cycle scheme pilot.

£1m will be used to create a further 15 car club projects across the country, which give members access to a shared car without having to own one.

The scheme aims to cut the number of car journeys and provide a greater choice of transport options as part of the Car Club Development in England programme.

More than £1m will be invested in a Living Streets’ project to try to boost to 55% the number of children aged 5-10 years who regularly walk to school.

The project includes activities to increase confidence and safety awareness among children, and a ‘travel tracker’ to encourage them to log their trips.

£1.2m will be spent updating 12 mobility centres to help them meet increasing demand for advice and support for disabled and elderly drivers and passengers.

And a £700,000 pilot scheme will give authorities the opportunity to bid for funds to trial electric bike sharing schemes.

Baroness Kramer, transport minister, said: “Today’s announcement will help children enjoy healthier journeys to school, provide a greater variety of sustainable transport and will give a helping hand to improve mobility for elderly or disabled people.”


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