Delegates learn ‘all about the minibus’

12.00 | 10 July 2015 |

More than 80 people attended a recent conference run by Hertfordshire County Council to raise awareness and understanding of legal and safety issues associated with operating minibuses.

The Minibus Users Conference also marked 21 years since the introduction of the Hertfordshire Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme, and saw the publication of the latest edition of Hertfordshire County Council’s ‘Driving Minibuses’ guide which contains up to date information and advice for drivers on points of law, good practice and safety.

At the conference, delegates from schools, charities and other non-commercial organisations were joined by representatives from local authorities and driver training providers to learn about and discuss a wide range of minibus-related issues. These included: the need for employed drivers to hold the correct driving licence (D1); the importance of risk assessment and journey planning to reduce risk of tiredness; the importance of proper management and maintenance of vehicles; and the care of passengers.

The conference, held at the Fielder Centre in Hatfield, was run in partnership with AIRSO, RoSPA and Work Related Road Safety Solutions (WRRSS). Presenters included Graham Feest (AIRSO), Kevin Clinton (RoSPA) and Guy Bradley (Herts CC).

Over the last 21 years, more than 21,600 assessments carried out through the Hertfordshire Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme.


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