Road Safety Radio – an ‘eye opening experience’

12.00 | 2 October 2015 |

All last week, Road Safety Radio went live to audiences across Manchester and the rest of the country with the aim of promoting the subject to the widest possible audience.

Produced by radio and audio production company, ‘On the Eighth’, the pop-up radio station will continue to broadcast 24 hours a day until Sunday evening.

The station is an initiative from DriveSafe, run by the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership, and has received a positive response, including via its Twitter page and the hashtag #roadsafetyradio.

Chelsea Dickenson, On the Eighth, said: “Working with DriveSafe at Transport for Greater Manchester has been a fantastic way to present road safety information in a different format.

“It’s been an eye opening experience. Contributors have included fire officers who have to cut people out of cars, police that have to deliver devastating news to victim’s families and also the families themselves.

“Sat there, listening to their stories really hit home that whilst we all kind of know that we should keep safe of the roads, it’s so easy to overlook the statistics and rely on the age old ‘oh, but it wouldn’t happen to me’.

“The project has allowed me to meet with some amazing people from local councils and communities – who knew that anyone could be so passionate about seat belts?

“Road Safety Radio isn’t just about giving new safety advice, it’s about reminding people of the key messages that they’re already aware of. Listen in and help us to promote road safety awareness.”

The station will continue to broadcast road safety messages across Greater Manchester on 87.7FM and nationwide on until Sunday, 6pm.

The content from the station will continue to be available after its closure on the Road Safety Radio website or on the station’s sound cloud account.


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