Brake acclaims the efforts of ‘Star Schools’

12.00 | 29 October 2015 |

Brake has recognised the efforts of schools which excelled during the charity’s Giant Walk 2015 and is urging more schools to participate in the 2016 event.

Every year Brake’s Giant Walk sees tens of thousands of pupils from across the UK taking part in a walk from their school gates to call for safer roads around their school, and to promote safe walking and cycling.

The ‘Star Schools’ are those that went above and beyond in their efforts to promote road safety to children, parents and the wider community, during the 2015 event on 10 June.

The 2015 Star Schools are:

  • Little Plumstead Primary School in Norfolk
  • Ripley Junior School in Derbyshire
  • Barmston Village Primary School in Sunderland
  • Trinity St Peter’s in Merseyside
  • Sperrinview Special School in County Tyrone
  • Aboyne Primary School in Aberdeenshire
  • Gresham Primary School in Croydon
  • Woolacombe School in Devon
  • St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School in Birmingham
  • Shortbrook Primary School in Sheffield

Brake is encouraging teachers and community groups to register for next year’s Giant Walk which will be held on Wednesday 15 June 2016.

Philip Goose, senior community engagement officer at Brake, said: “We are delighted to recognise our Star Schools from 2015. Brake’s Giant Walk is a great way for schools to call for safer roads in their community for children to be able to walk or cycle without fear or threat from traffic.

“Every year, as part of this great event, schools use resources and support from Brake to run fantastic lessons across a variety of subjects around the theme of road safety and active travel. It’s a chance to teach children about road safety and why walking is healthy and eco-friendly, and also to call on local drivers to make a big difference by slowing down to protect children on foot and bike.

“We’re urging schools to sign up now to take full advantage of the resources and support Brake offers to help schools get involved.”


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