Road Safety GB welcomes ‘Project EDWARD’

12.00 | 9 February 2016 | | 1 comment

Road Safety GB has welcomed an initiative launched by TISPOL to engender a Europe-wide focus on road safety during September 2016.

Project EDWARD – ‘European day without a road death’ – will take place on Wednesday 21 September.

The event is financially supported by GEM and TISPOL is hoping to enlist the support of other road safety stakeholder organisations in the UK and across Europe.

The campaign will include publicity resources and a ‘kick off event ‘at which TISPOL hopes road safety professionals in the UK will come together to share ideas and agree how best to attract positive coverage for the project.

Launching the initiative in a TISPOL bulletin, Ruth Purdie, general secretary, said: “We believe Project Edward has the potential to generate significant interest – from policymakers, road safety professionals, politicians, police officers, manufacturers and the general public.

“It offers an excellent opportunity to re-energise everyone’s efforts to work towards the 2020 casualty reduction targets, as well as offering to raise the profile of road safety significantly.

“Of course, we know that there is a great deal of excellent road safety and casualty reduction work going on across Europe every single day. One of our aims is to highlight that work and its vital importance to the safety of European citizens.”

Welcoming the initiative, Honor Byford, chair of Road safety GB, said: “We applaud this imaginative initiative by TISPOL and are keen to support it as fully as possible.

“Last year we ran a very successful suite of initiatives in support of Global Road Safety Week 2015 and we look forward to supporting Project EDWARD with a similar level of commitment to help ensure its success.

“We are in dialogue with colleagues at TISPOL and are looking forward to working with them to add our education, training and publicity expertise to their campaign.”

Anyone wanting more information about Project EDWARD is invited to contact TISPOL via email.



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    So presumably Tispol are hoping for no more than serious injury collisions on the appointed day then? How do they think that is going to be achieved? When individuals have collsions, they don’t select between injury and fatal. Reduction of collisions across the board on the day would be a more sensible goal and if succesful, the formula –
    whatever that may be – will presumably become permanent, so we can have it every day.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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