New book will help drivers ‘beat road traffic offences’

12.00 | 24 February 2016 | | 4 comments

A new book is about the be published which is ‘packed full of expert legal advice and insight that will help every motorist equip themselves with the knowledge they need to represent themselves, and safeguard their driving licence’.

The book, titled ‘Defend your Licence, Beat Road Traffic Offences’, is described as a ‘practical and helpful guide for drivers, combining accurate law with expert tips on how to deal with motoring related offences’.

The book is authored by Andrea Clegg, managing director of a firm specialising in road traffic defence. Ms Clegg’s company website uses images to suggest it can help with offences relating to drink driving, speeding and mobile phone use.

A press release issued to announce the launch of the book says: “Since founding her law firm specialising in road traffic defence, Andrea Clegg has been inundated -and surprised- by the number of clients asking basic questions about motoring law.

“She quickly realised how little reliable knowledge and information motorists have available to them about the complicated laws of the road, with many dutifully accepting fines and prosecutions that were often completely unjustified.”

The book covers fixed penalty tickets, courses, insurance pitfalls and how to represent yourself, through to ‘more serious’ offences such as drink driving and dangerous driving.

The press release concludes: “Fitting handily in your glove compartment, Defend Your Licence is the perfect companion to everyone getting behind the wheel in Britain today, in particular those who are high-mileage motorists and young or inexperienced drivers.”

The book will be available from Amazon from 1 March, priced at £9.99 for a hard copy and £3.99 for a digital version.


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    When my children (if they choose to) start to learn to drive I will be buying an alternative book for them that will save them time and money by avoiding the need to “beat a traffic offence” by avoiding the traffic offence in the first place. It is the Highway Code. Or should I be encouraging them to “get off” on a technicality……… (written with the acknowledgement that their have been many miscarriages of justice in my lifetime but aiming to prevent a problem is, in my opinion, on average better than aiming to cure the potential results of the problem).

    Nick, Lancashire
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    I prefer Blackstone’s Police Manual:

    And West Yorkshire Police’s app:

    Eric D, Northampton
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    “Fitting handily in your glove compartment….” ‘handily’ meaning it’s within reach when you’re driving along and feel like reading a book about driving offences and to see whether reading a book whilst driving might be an offence. The biggest problem as I see it with this book, is that it leaves less room for somewhere to keep our gloves.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    I was reading a similar sort of book that my Dad bought 20 years ago. All sorts of technical stuff in it about the law, regulations and such. It added to my knowledge. I’m keen on road safety but I’m also keen on my rights and civil liberties, so I’ve no complaints about these sorts of books being available, whether this one or one of its fore-runners.

    Pat, Wales
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