Share Project EDWARD’s message by installing a ‘tweet wall’

12.00 | 14 September 2016 |

With a week to go until the inaugural ‘European Day Without A Road Death’, TISPOL has published details of how to set up a ‘tweet wall’, bringing together all the social media activity from the day.

The initiative, named Project EDWARD, takes place on 21 September and encourages drivers, riders and pedestrians to spare an extra thought for their safety.

Designed to draw attention to the 70 deaths that occur each day on the roads of Europe, the event is supported in the UK by Road Safety GB, RoSPA and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

TISPOL is encouraging organisations to set up a ‘tweet wall’ to help spread the campaign message and has published a document (click here to download) which provides information on the technical preparation required, as well as display instructions.

A ‘tweet wall’ displays all the tweets featuring a certain hashtag, in this case #ProjectEdward, highlighting what is being said about the event.

Social media is a big part of the initiative, with TISPOL looking to raise awareness across the continent by promoting the hashtag.

How to get involved
With the help of GEM Motoring Assist, TISPOL has produced 10 short videos ahead of the event, all of which raise awareness of specific road safety risks.

The 30-seconds videos, which are available to watch online, focus on issues such as speeding, alcohol, drugs, fatigue and vulnerable road users. TISPOL is encouraging organisations to share these videos via social media.

TISPOL is also asking road users to ‘make the pledge’, promising to follow a number of rules to ensure their safety. So far, more than 82,000 people have signed the road safety pledge.


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