New e-learning module focuses on ‘morning after’ drink driving

12.00 | 15 December 2016 |

New View Consultants has produced a new e-learning module in an effort to educate business drivers about the dangers of ‘morning after’ drink driving.

Released yesterday (14 Dec), the module only takes a few minutes to complete and has been designed to be accessible across a host of platforms including tablets and smartphones.  

The module is integrated with New View Consultants’ advanced Learning Management System which will automatically inform a fleet manager when a driver has completed it.

Data published in December 2015 by the Government’s THINK! campaign revealed that in 2013 an estimated 740 reported drink drive collisions took place in the morning, and around 5,500 people fail breath tests between 6am and midday every year.

The THINK! research also found that 58% of the 800 drivers surveyed would have four or more drinks on a night out, and still sometimes take a risk by driving the following morning – with only a third (33%) aware they could still be over the limit.

Ian Edwards, research director, New View Consultants, said: “Many companies are quite rightly worried about this issue and need something that is concise and simple to educate their drivers about the dangers.  

“Our module highlights just how easy it can be to still have alcohol in your system the next morning.”

The module is priced at £3 + VAT per driver ‘to encourage maximum take up over the Christmas period’. 

Click here to see a demo of the module or for more information contact Neil Beeson on 0114 3600484. 


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