Infra-red tech will provide ‘more efficient enforcement’ on unlit roads

12.00 | 27 January 2017 |

New infra-red technology will enable safety camera teams to more effectively monitor speeding drivers on poorly or unlit roads, according to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership.

The partnership has unveiled new infra-red lamps which came into force on Monday (23 Jan) to improve roadside speed camera efficiency in the dark.

Until now, the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership says some motorists have evaded detection because the existing technology could not pick out registration plates in the dark.

The new infra-red lamps, which consist of three small banks of 24 bulbs mounted on the rear of camera vehicles, are pointed in the same direction as the unit’s camera to illuminate vehicle registration plates.

Deborah Collier, safety camera team leader for the partnership, said: "We have purchased two sets of infra-red lamps which will enable our camera van officers to conduct mobile speed enforcement on unlit roads.

“The existing technology did not work particularly well in unlit streets and there is a proportion of footage the camera guys get which they can’t do anything with because it is too dark.

"These infra-red lights do not glare or blind drivers – but for the camera teams working in poorly or unlit roads the images are much clearer.

“The move has affected both rural and major roads – many of them sites where residents have reported speeding problems.

"This will increase our enforcement capability at mobile speed sites, assisting in keeping speeds down and hopefully reducing casualties on our local road network."




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