‘Drunk’ pedestrians targeted in new campaign

12.00 | 3 October 2017 |

RoSPA Wales has launched a new campaign to help raise awareness of the risks associated with walking near roads while impaired by alcohol.

#WalkSafe has been launched on the back of figures which show that in the last three years, nine pedestrians have been killed and 62 seriously injured in Wales while they were under the influence of alcohol.

As part of the campaign, RoSPA and partners at Road Safety Wales will be delivering safety messages to colleges, universities and community groups to draw attention to the issue.

The campaign explains that intoxication leads to poor decision making, lower vigilance, increased reaction times and reduced visual perception.

It is hoped the campaign will raise awareness of the vulnerability of pedestrians and encourage people to help their friends get home safely.

Michelle Harrington, RoSPA’s road safety manager for Wales, said: “In addition to highlighting the extra risk faced when walking when impaired by alcohol, we will be reminding other road users that not all pedestrians are able to behave predictably, or in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code.

“Pedestrians under the influence of alcohol are more likely to make errors of judgement and to behave in a manner that leads them to become involved in, or to cause, a road traffic accident.”

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