East Midlands to benefit from £260,000 road safety funding

21.15 | 24 March 2010 |

The East Midlands will develop new road safety campaigns which could become the model for campaigns across the country, following the award of an extra £260,000 of road safety funding from the DfT.

The Road Safety Partnerships Grant scheme will fund campaigns on drink driving, speeding, mobile phone use and seatbelt wearing. 

The project will be run by Nottinghamshire County Council on behalf of a group of East Midlands road safety teams and aims to provide a model for the delivery and evaluation of road safety campaign materials which can then be used by other local councils.

Paul Clark, road safety minister, said: "The extra funding will allow councils in the East Midlands to develop vital road safety campaigns as well as assessing their effectiveness in increasing awareness. 

“The experience gained from this project will be shared among all local authorities and other agencies to help make our roads safer for everyone."

For more information about the scheme contact Nottinghamshire County Council on 0115 977 4448.

Click here for details of all the road safety partnership grants awarded by the DfT.



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