NDORS recognises Academy course for delivery to ADIs

12.09 | 22 January 2018 |

A Behavioural Change Course developed by Road Safety GB Academy has been recognised as suitable for trainers wishing to deliver NDORS courses.

The Road Safety GB Academy course is one of several behavioural change technique (BCT) courses that have met the standard required for NDORS trainers and instructors.

Under NDORS, road users who commit certain traffic offences can be offered the opportunity to attend a course focusing on re-education, in order to achieve greater compliance with road traffic legislation.

Sonya Hurt, chair of Road Safety GB, said: “We are delighted that our course has been acknowledged as meeting the standard required by NDORS.

“This statement by NDORS is further confirmation of the quality of professional training the Academy is providing for the road safety community.

“It is estimated that around 95% of all road traffic collisions can be attributed to road user error, due to a wide range of issues.

“Behavioural change is key in making significant improvements to the way people use our roads, and in reducing collision and casualty rates.

“Our course will contribute to equipping NDORS’ instructors and trainers with the skills and tools to encourage behaviour change review among course attendees.”

Dr Cris Burgess, from NDORS’ Course Development Unit, said: “We are pleased to recognise Road Safety GB Academy’s Behavioural Change Course as meeting the minimum requirements for our behaviour change specialist trainers and instructors.

“Short courses such as this provide a good basis for understanding the models upon which behaviour change interventions such as NDORS courses are based, enhancing the effectiveness of the intervention in addressing clients’ inappropriate driving or riding behaviour.”

The Academy’s Behavioural Change Course covers: understanding road user behaviour; behavioural models; behavioural change techniques and behavioural insights; mapping behaviours; and developing interventions using behavioural models and change techniques.

Members of the Academy team are currently securing venues across the North West, North East, Midlands, London, South West, South East and Scotland in readiness for delivery to ADIs at regional and local level.

Dates and venues will be publicised on the Road Safety GB Academy website in the near future and attendees will be able to book online.


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