Nearly four in 10 have friends who drink-drive

11.03 | 18 December 2018 |

Nearly 30% of people would not try to talk a friend out of drink-driving, a new survey suggests.

The RAC research, timed to coincide with the launch of the THINK! festive drink-drive campaign, found that 37% of people have friends who they think have driven while over the drink-drive limit.

65% of the 1,865 motorists questioned said there is more pressure to drink alcohol in December – with 38% claiming to have a ‘zero-alcohol policy’ when driving to a social function.

28% were unprepared to try to talk a friend who might be over the limit out of driving, a figure described by the RAC as ‘shocking’.

43% of respondents said they would try to persuade a friend who had been drinking to take alternative transport – and even arrange and pay for a taxi.

Pete Williams, RAC road safety spokesperson, said: “Drink-driving, whether someone is just over the limit or several times above it, is unacceptable – it ruins lives. So it’s shocking to see in our research that so many people know drivers who have got behind the wheel when they’re over the limit.

“It’s also sad that a sizeable proportion of those surveyed are unwilling to try to persuade a friend who’s too drunk to drive, not to. But, on the other hand it’s positive that 43% would sort out a cab for a friend instead of letting them drive.

“And, for those that have been out drinking it is also essential they ensure they are safe to drive the next day as just going to sleep for a few hours doesn’t necessarily make you legally safe to drive.”



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