Network Rail publishes level crossings safety guides

12.00 | 14 April 2014 |

Network Rail has produced a new series of guides to inform pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and horse riders on the potential dangers at level crossings, and to help them use crossings safely.

The guides are available on the Network Rail website in interactive format and as downloadable PDFs.

Georgina Chalmers, from Network Rail’s national level crossing team, said: “We’ve taken a new approach based on the user rather than the type of level crossing.

“Each crossing is unique and the interactive tool and accompanying PDFs aim to give users an idea of what to expect when using a level crossing. The guides cover the potential dangers such as distraction and understanding the safety warnings.”

The guides include a specific section for each of the different level crossing user types.

The section aimed at pedestrians covers potential dangers including keepings dogs on a lead and not assuming only one train is coming.

Information for drivers covers dangers including jumping lights and racing around barriers. The section for cyclists covers dangers including avoiding wheels stuck getting and racing around barriers.

The horse riding community was also identified as a key user group, with specific dangers including overhead lines and how a horse might react to the flashing lights and alarms at a crossing.

For more information contact Georgina Chalmers on 01908 782575.



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