New app offers a glimpse of the future

12.00 | 22 May 2012 |

A free smart phone app offers a glimpse of the future of motor insurance by demonstrating how in car technologies can be used to assess driving risk.

The app, developed by Marmalade the young driver specialists, mimics key features of the technology used for its Intelligent Marmalade scheme – which links driver behaviour to insurance.

Intelligent Marmalade uses in-car technology – known as telematics – to reward careful drivers by lowering their insurance premiums. Marmalade says that using technology in this way has enabled it to reduce premiums for young drivers.

Nigel Lacy, director of marketing at Marmalade, said: “We have developed this app to give drivers a glimpse of the future for car insurance. Until now the only evidence of poor driving is a crash or a near miss; now drivers will be able to review their journeys and eliminate any high risk driving.”

The app picks up the motion in the car and uses complex algorithms to display this as a score; the higher the score the smoother the driving, and the lower the insurance risk.

Marmalade believes the app will encourage drivers of all ages to examine their driving habits and skill sets. Drivers will also be able to compare their scores through social media.

The app is currently available in the app store for iPhones and will soon be available for android and Blackberry phones.

Click here for more information, or contact Nigel Lacy on 0845 644 2026.


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