New bureau to tackle key road safety issues in Durham

12.27 | 17 August 2020 |

Durham Constabulary has launched a new unit as part of increased efforts to target uninsured drivers and those who speed.

The new Road Safety Bureau will deploy speed cameras at nominated sites across County Durham and Darlington – while educating drivers on other issues such as the use of seatbelts and using mobile phones.

Durham Constabulary says it has been listening to residents who say speeding is a concern in their communities – particularly in light of an increase in the levels of traffic as lockdown restrictions ease.

In one of its first operations, the unit detected 59 speeding offences within one hour on a 30mph road in Sherburn Hill, the highest of which was recorded at 51mph.

Terri Raine, Durham Constabulary’s bureau manager, said: “This is an important area of activity which we know helps make communities safer and will therefore always be a priority for the constabulary.

“As well as targeting speeding motorists, the force will also be targeting uninsured drivers who put other road users in danger especially as they are often involved in other crimes such as drug offences or driving without a licence.

“Bad driving can have devastating consequences for everyone involved so we would always encourage drivers to think twice and just slow down.”

Steve White, acting police victims’ commissioner, said: “This is a local priority in the police and crime plan and is something I take seriously.

“Speeding is an issue that is regularly highlighted to us by communities across Durham and Darlington and we are determined to take action and support of local residents.”



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