New campaign delivers distraction warning to Hampshire teenagers

11.46 | 26 October 2011 |

Hampshire’s road safety team has launched a campaign to warn teenagers about the dangers of being distracted by their peers and modern technology while they are at the roadside.

The campaign commenced on 24 October and initially runs for a four week period and will be repeated for another four weeks from 9 January 2012.

Two posters carrying the message ‘don’t leave your senses at the roadside’ appear on the inside of buses across Hampshire and at train stations heavily used by students.

Marc Samways, Hampshire’s traffic and road safety services manager, said: “Teenage pedestrians are most at risk on the roads as they are usually travelling independent of parents and with their peers who are more likely to distract them from giving enough attention to the road.

“The challenge is to give young people the skills, understanding and confidence to deal with traffic more safely as they become independent road users and to stop and think when crossing roads.

“We hope that this campaign will register with its teenage audience, cause discussion and highlight the possible consequences of being distracted on the roads.”

For more information contact Charlotte Tilling on 01962 832204.


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