New campaign highlights dangers posed by country roads

11.05 | 27 September 2010 |

The West of Scotland Road Safety Forum, in partnership with Road Safety Scotland, has launched a new campaign (27 September) to try to reduce the number of crashes and casualties on country roads.

On average five drivers or passengers are killed or injured on country roads in Strathclyde every day. And in 2009, 1,775 people were killed or injured on country roads across the West of Scotland. Despite these figures, campaign research found that many Scottish drivers regard these roads as ‘low risk’ as there is often less traffic.

The campaign reminds drivers that they are not alone on the roads, to look out for hazards and be aware of unpredictable driving, and that they do not have to be exceeding the speed limit to be going too fast.

It uses radio to target drivers when they are using these roads and also includes posters, online information and promotional activity in public areas throughout West Scotland.

Councillor Betty Cunningham, chair of the West of Scotland Road Safety Forum, said: "In Scotland, 75% of road deaths occur on country roads and addressing this issue is a high priority for the Forum and for the Scottish Government’s Framework.

"According to data provided by Strathclyde Police, some of the most frequently reported causation factors in country road collisions are loss of control, a failure to look properly and driving too fast for the conditions.”

Michael McDonnell, director of Road Safety Scotland, said: "We are pleased to support this important campaign; in using the imagery from our television and cinema campaign, it strongly reinforces the message.

“It is ironic that many people perceive country roads to be safer places to drive due to the fact there is less traffic – not considering the many unexpected risks caused by slow moving vehicles, animals, hidden junctions, and cyclists to name just a few.”

Click here to listen to the campaign radio commercial, or for more information contact Jan Deans on 07980 851360 or visit the West Of Scotland Road Safety Forum website.


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