New campaign reinforces 20’s Plenty message

11.41 | 5 March 2010 | | 2 comments

A new campaign launched on 8 March to remind drivers in the West of Scotland of the benefits of driving at 20mph in residential areas.

The four-week campaign by the West of Scotland Road Safety Forum comprises a mix of media and community activities, including a 50-second radio commercial focusing on every parent’s nightmare – the knock at the door with the worst of bad news.

The 12 local authorities that make up the Forum have all introduced 20mph areas or limits into roads around schools and residential areas to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

The introduction of 20mph areas appears to have had a positive effect on pedestrian casualties in the West of Scotland. Between 2006 and 2009 there was one fatal pedestrian casualty in 20mph zones, but 58 pedestrian fatalities on 30mph roads. In the same period, there were 11 serious pedestrian casualties in 20mph zones, but on 30mph roads there were 872 serious pedestrian casualties.

Cllr Hendrie, chair of the Forum, said: “There is no question of the value of 20mph zones, but we still need to remind drivers of the huge difference in survival rates between accidents at 40mph and at 20mph.

“As well as the radio campaign we have lots of community involvement in this initiative through community councils, tenants and residents associations, and schools. We all benefit from 20mph zones – but vulnerable road users, especially our children, are the ones who will benefit the most.”

For more information visit:

Click here to listen to the radio commercial.



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    The Forum are not stating the ratio between casualties on roads with 20mph limits and 30mph limits, we are stating the reported casualty numbers on roads with 20mph limits and 30mph limits. However we accept the validity of Mr Stradling’s comments but also point out that despite the prolific growth (albeit unknown in kilometres) of mandatory and advisory 20mph limits/zones in the West of Scotland Forum area, only 1.5% of injured casualties were recorded as having occurred on these roads (3 year period from 1st September 2006 to 31st August 2009). Moreover, whereas 21.4% of casualties occurring on 20mph roads were killed or seriously injured, this rose to 25.8% on 30mph roads, 48.3% on 40mph roads and 50% on 50mph roads (3 year period from 1st September 2006 to 31st August 2009).

    Linda McBrearty, West Dunbartonshire
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    Not wishing to be a wet blanket, but you report that the 30:20 ratio is 58:1 for fatalities and approx 79:1 for serious. What’s the ratio between amount of 30 and 20 mph road in the area? Or amount of vehicular travel on 30 and 20 mph roads in the area? (I couldn’t find this information on your website) i.e. are the fatality and serious ratios less / the same as / or more than would be expected by chance alone?

    At present the figures don’t correct for differential exposure and thus don’t, in and of themselves, demonstrate that 20 zones are safer than 30 zones. Unfortunately.

    Steve Stradling, Musselburgh
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