New campaign reminds drivers there’s no excuse for speeding

08.37 | 26 February 2021 | | 3 comments

A new national marketing campaign – focusing on speed reduction – has been launched by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland.

Speed is a key priority for the Scottish Government, it says, and an ‘integral part’ of its newly-launched Road Safety Framework to 2030.

Latest figures show that speed is a contributory factor in 15% of all fatal and serious collisions in Scotland – a total of 848 collisions, 42 fatalities and 244 serious injuries in 2019.

The Scotland-wide campaign is running across multiple platforms including TV, radio and digital. 


It highlights some of the excuses commonly used by drivers to justify their speeding behaviours, while reminding those behind the wheel that, if they’re caught, they could face severe penalties.

The campaign also urges drivers to consider the ‘devastating consequences’ a collision can have on the lives of many – including the driver, their family, the victim’s family, the emergency services and witnesses.

The Road Safety Framework to 2030 sets out new strategic outcomes, built around the safe system approach – coupled with a ‘comprehensive performance management system’ to monitor and evaluate progress.

Its main goals are to halve road deaths by 2030 and achieve Vision Zero by 2050.

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland have also launched a new Stakeholder Hub, home to social media assets and other campaign materials for digital and print. 

The Hub will be updated with further assets as future campaigns are launched.



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    So speeding is a contributory factor in 15% of incidents. Why not go after the main factors in Road traffic accidents, and recognise speeding as a minor factor. A quick google search tells me Failure to look properly is the most common cause of all UK road accidents, yet it should be the easiest to prevent. Another site says being distracted while driving is the number one cause of an accident in the UK today. Another says around 20 per cent of road traffic accidents are due to driver fatigue.

    Police go after speeders because they are easy to catch, it is harder to catch people who fail to look properly yet these cause more accidents I have driven safely at over 100 mph on German autobahn but I made sure I was concentrating fully all the time. Speed in itself is not a problem if the driver is looking properly and is not tired. Failure to look properly is and that is what Road Safety Professionals should concentrate on

    Robert Bolt, St Albans
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    No doubt, those 11% who admit driving at these speeds also believed they were in full control of their vehicles as well!! Like most drivers..probably not in reality, hence collisions.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    I’d like to invite the authors of this video to give an insight into what percentage of those 11% of drivers were involved in accidents as a direct result of driving at 90mph on a motorway

    And whether or not this includes members of the emergency services acting in the course of their duties

    I’ll of course presume the figure is for all intents and purposes 0% if police pursuits were excluded…

    David Weston, Newcastle upon Tyne
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