New campaign urges young passengers to speak up

12.00 | 10 December 2014 |

A new social media campaign is encouraging young people in Powys to go online to improve their safety on the road both as drivers and passengers.

The new campaign, Mission: Fatal 4law, has been created by Powys’ Road Safety Unit. It is built around a Facebook page which provides help and advice on how individuals can influence the behaviour of other car occupants, especially the driver, and ultimately help avoid a collision.

A film produced as part of the campaign is designed to highlight some of the dangers of travelling with an irresponsible driver. The film has been produced with funding provided by the Welsh Government.

Councillor John Powell, cabinet member for road safety, said: “Powys has had an increase in the number of young passengers who are killed or seriously injured in recent years. We want to show our young people that even if they don’t drive, they still have a voice when it comes to their own safety.”

Sarah Morris, Powys’ senior road safety officer, said: “When you get into a car as a passenger, you are handing over responsibility for your life to someone else. This new film will educate our vulnerable road users about how to keep themselves safe.”


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